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Medical Corporation Sapporo Heart Center
Chief Medical Officer(CMO)
Tsutomu Fujita, M.D.

My life is all about interventional cardiology to serve all the patients who have coronary artery diseases.
To establish the most advanced cardiovascular center in Japan, I founded the Sapporo Cardiovascular Center in 2008.
After three years, we got launched. Our facility was considered as the top five interventional cardiology center of Japan.

We, all staffs, believe that our philosophy of minimally invasive and extremely early diagnosis without angiography was crucial to serve our patients.
Many highly motivated professionals have been joined the center and shared our experience with other professionals in Japan and other countries.
In 2012, the department of cardiovascular surgery was installed to serve all the patients who have any kind of cardiovascular disease.Dr.Hirosato Doi, our director of cardiovascular surgery, had a record in the highest volume cardiovascular operations in Hokkaido.

His team is offering the best surgical services for our patients. I can say our facility is a dream team because our department of cardiology is the best in Hokkaido as well as 4th in Japan, and our department of cardiovascular surgery is the best in Hokkaido. I am proud of our team. We, Sapporo Heart center, Sapporo Cardiovascular Clinic, commit to serve the people of Hokkaido by showing our best practices.

BOD, General Manager (GM), Medical Corporation Sapporo Heart Center

Since Sapporo Heart Center joined the Asian Medical Group in October 2018, I have been appointed as General Manager of this center. As an MBA, I have been involved in the launch of various international businesses and will contribute to the development of our center from a management perspective.

Since its opening in 2008, Sapporo Heart Center, with the belief of Dr. Fujita, that “Nobody will die from heart disease”, has been providing high-level medical care to patients throughout Hokkaido.

In the future, we will continue to work together with domestic and overseas medical institutions to achieve even higher levels, and will represent Japan from Hokkaido to become a leading hospital in the world in the treatment of heart disease.

I completely believe that our staff will continuously improve themselves and the top-level medical care will save more lives of people of the community.

Since October 2019, we have increased beds by 11, to a total of 85 beds. We have also set up a concierge room to provide more personalized services.
The new hospital expansion plans have been launched since 2020. By not only increasing staff, but also improving hospital hardware and introducing the most advanced IT systems, we will make our best efforts to solve the space problem and waiting time that has always been the problem, and to provide a better environment for every patient.

Medical Corporation Sapporo Heart Center
Chief Communication and Marketing Officer (CCMO)
Katsuhiko Sato, M.D.

I am working as the Chief Communication and Marketing Officer at the Sapporo Heart Center from October 2017.
I graduated the Hokkaido University in 1984 and became a cardiologist.
Then, I have worked more than thirty years as a cardiology interventionist including endovascular intervention.

I am currently making the healthcare network in Hokkaido by collaborating with physicians and community leaders in the community to fulfill their needs.
I strongly believe that hospital would exist not only to treat diseases but more than that. The patients and families diagnosed with some health issues might come to our facility with fears, anxieties and depressions. The physicians who work in the community would trust our facility to take care of their patients with warm hearts as well as the best advanced cardiovascular services. Our team should be humble to be involved in the health care network in Hokkaido.

Then, we also honor ourselves to serve our community. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me. Your opinions allow us to go further. We are developing ourselves to establish the ideal community-based hospital.

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8-1, Kita 49 jyo, Higashi 16 jyo, Higashi-ku,
Sapporo, 007-0849, Japan

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8-1, Kita 49 jyo, Higashi 16 jyo, Higashi-ku, Sapporo, 007-0849, Japan

Operation Hours of Outpatient Clinic /
8:30~11:30 13:00~16:30
※MON Until 19:30/WED and SAT only AM

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